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Places and treasures to visit in Capri

During your stay in Capri you will definitely want to know what you can visit here. This island really treasures many natural beauties but also artistic and cultural sites that are well worth a visit.

Thanks to its central location, Hotel San Michele is the perfect place to stay if you want to go hiking or on a boat ride to the most beautiful places around the island:


Natural beauty, art and culture

Villa Jovis

Distance: Km 5,5

Giardini di Augusto – Via Krupp

Distance: Km 4,5

Natural arch

Distance: Km 4

Certosa di San Giacomo

Distance: Km 3,5

Punta Carena Lighthouse

Distanza: Km 3,5

Marina Grande

Distance: Km 5

La Piazzetta

Distance: Km 4

Fortini Path

Distance: Km 8

Grotta Azzurra

Distance: Km 1,5

Villa San Michele

Distance: Mt 200

Monte Solaro

Distance: Mt 150

Anacapri’s old town centre

Distance: Mt 150